auto safety features to keep our teens safe

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auto safety features to keep our teens safe

When choosing a car for a teenage driver, you have got to keep safety in mind. Sure, we would all love to go out and buy a $500 clunker for our teens to drive, but will that car keep our teens safe as they learn to master the many skills of driving? I created this blog to help other parents identify cars that will keep their teens as safe as possible while driving out on their own. I have studied and researched to find all of the safety features that will provide optimum safety for our teens during their early days of driving and beyond.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Using Your New Backup Camera

If you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle that comes with backup assist, you might expect that the camera will make life much easier and will make it much safer to back up. This is true to some extent, but it also depends on how you use the backup camera. Know Your Blindspots Backup cameras make everyone safer because they substantially increase visibility. You are less likely to back into another vehicle and pedestrians are also less likely to be hit by your vehicle as you are backing up. Read More 

4 Tips To Help You Sell Your Car Fast

Have you been asking yourself, "How do you sell your car? Can you sell your vehicle for cash?" The answer to both questions is yes, but you first have to make your vehicle worthy of a buyer's time. If you want to sell your car fast, here are some tips that may motivate buyers to purchase your vehicle. 1. Vacuum the Interior You may not have cared if your kids ate granola bars in the backseat, but it could be a dealbreaker for a potential buyer. Read More 

Buying A Used Car When You Are Not An Auto Expert

The idea of purchasing a used vehicle sounds risky for some people. Not knowing how the original owner treated the vehicle and what type of maintenance schedule was followed sounds like a mishap waiting to happen. However, even if you are not an auto expert, you can confidently purchase a used vehicle that is in good condition. Price Compare Too good to be true is a real thing. The cost of a specific make and model will not be the same from lot to lot, but the variance is rarely drastic. Read More 

3 Smart Precautions To Take When Buying A New Car

There's something special about buying a new car today. These vehicles come equipped with a lot of amenities that you won't find anywhere else. If you're in the market for one and want to come away with something truly special, be sure to take these smart precautions. Don't Overspend The number one rule to remember when new car shopping is not overspending. If you did, then you could put yourself in a tough financial spot that's hard to come back from any time soon. Read More 

Commute Regularly? 4 Features Your Next Car Must Have

If you spend an hour or more commuting five days a week to work, you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. As such, you'll want your vehicle to be comfortable and efficient to serve your commuting needs. When you go shopping for your next commuter vehicle, here are four features you should look for. 1. Comfortable Seats When you spend hours each week sitting in your car, you want your seats to be comfortable. Read More